Vintage Arcade and Pinball Games


Baseball Games:

1934 Pamco Major League Neat old game that needs some TLC
1941 Scientific Machine Co. Scientific Batting Practice Nice playing game
1941 Keeney Texas Leaguer Original condition with stand...great fun to play
1946 Central Manufacturing Company Hi Fly Counter game needing restoration
1950 Bally Heavy Hitter Original working condition
1953 Williams Deluxe Baseball Needs restored, rounded head...has new backglass
1959 Williams Pinch Hitter Nice original game

Pinball Machines:

1930's English The Wizard Pin Game Beautiful working table top game
1932 Mills Official Counter Beautiful working condition
1933 Bally Airway Beautiful working condition
1933 Genco Genco Subway Special Beautiful original game that plays well
1934 Genco Criss Cross Needs legs and tuned up
1934 Daval American Beauty Beautiful original game
1934 ESCO Drop Kick Beautiful battery powered football game
1934 Gottlieb Merry Go Round Works but needs lockdown bar and legs
1935 Chicago Coin Beam Lite Beautiful original game
1935 Stoner Top Hat Beautiful original game
1935 Stoner Zoom Needs playfield glass, lockdown bar and legs
1935 ABT Mystery Game Art deco design...payout identify
1937 Chicago Coin Sensation of 1937 Needs restored
1939 Chicago Coin Nippy A real sweetheart....just pure eye candy
1941 Bally Air Force Beautiful condition...airplane theme
1949 Gottlieb Basketball Very nice original shape waiting for a plastic set
1949 Williams Freshie My first pin in 1965...cost $20...plays great...will reside at my youngest son's house
1950 Gottlieb Knock Out Beautiful original game
1951 Williams Nags Great looker and player
1952 Gottlieb Chinatown Nice original shape
1953 Gottlieb Grand Slam Beautiful original shape
1957 Gottlieb Silver Nice original shape
1957 Williams Jigsaw Original condition...currently being restored
1958 Gottlieb Rocketship Beautiful game waiting for restoration
1958 Gottlieb Roto Pool Awaiting restoration...going to be a looker...
1959 Williams Tic Tac Toe Looks and plays great
1959 Gottlieb Universe Beautiful restored game
1959 Gottlieb Lightning Ball Nice original shape
1959 Gottlieb Miss Annabelle Needs glass, plastics and animation
1959 Gottlieb Queen of Diamonds Beautiful original game...but gone
1960 Gottlieb Captain Kidd Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful...but gone
1960 Gottlieb Hi Diver Nice original shape, needs restored
1960 Gottlieb Dancing Dolls Beautiful game with repainted cabinet
1960 Gottlieb Kewpie Doll Nice condition...could use a backglass and a tune up
1960 Williams Nags Horse racing animation at its best
1962 Gottlieb Tropic Isle Needs a little tlc (currently under restoration)
1963 Gottlieb Slick Chick Beautiful playfield...great playing game.
1963 Gottlieb Gigi Great looking and playing original game
1964 Gottlieb Bowling Queen Nice original game
1964 Midway Flying Turns Great car action
1965 Williams Teachers Pet Nice game with a cabinet resides at my daughter's house
1965 Gottlieb Bank-A-Ball Great shape...needs tuned up
1966 Gottlieb Cross Town Beautiful original shape
1967 Williams Apollo Great resides in Maine at my son's house
1972 Williams Swinger My favorite em pinball to play
1972 Bally Fireball Great looking and playing game
1976 Bally Flip-Flop Great looking and playing game
1976 Bally Captain Fantastic Beautiful and fun playing game

Arcade Games:

1930 Scientific  Baseketball Needs restored
1933 Star Machine Mfg. Electro Hoist Nice restored working shape
1933 Chester Pollard Play Football Needs restored...everything there
1935 Seeburg Hockey Completely mechanical 2 player hockey game
1939 Kirk Blow Ball Needs restored
1939 Exhibit Hi-Ball Original playing game
1949 Capital Projector Corp Midget Movie Needs restored
1940 Harvard Metal Typer Complete with wooden case and cabinet...nice original shape
1946 Exhibit Supply Merchantman Digger Great original game
1946 Chicago Coin Basketball Champ Needs a little tlc
1947 Chicago Coin Pistol Champ Nicest original gun game out there
1947 American Gripmeter Strength tester in working shape
1947 Exhibit Supply Dale Mauser Pistol Ready to go...
1951 Gottlieb Bowlette Beautiful original condition
1952 Genco 400 Beautiful looking upright pinball/arcade game
1956 Mustoscope Rock n Roll Maze game...great original shape
1956 Horoscope Inc Horoscope Nice ten cent machine that delivers boxed horoscopes dated 1956
1956 Chicago Coin 10th Frame 6 player shuffle alley works great
1957 Genco Fortune Teller Great original piece with a ton of fortune cards
1957 Williams Ten Strike Nice original shape -- being restored
1958 Bally Skill Roll Great fun
1958 Chicago Coin Criss Cross Hockey game where you play against other goalie
1958 Chicago Coin All-Star Bowling 2 player ball great
1961 All-Tech Indian Scout Horse riding with a shooting gallery
1963 Midway Flying Turns Car racing pinball
1964 Williams Mini Golf Golf game
1965 Test Your Skill Driving Game Insert a nickel and drive it through a maze
1966 Shelden, Dickson, Steven Magic Baseball Baseball arcade game...great shape...great fun to play

Machines available:

1930 Scientific  Baseketball parts game
1934 Genco Criss Cross Parts marquee, legs or glass...otherwise in nice shape
1933 Bally Airway Missing playfield glass, front door and legs
1952 Gottlieb Chinatown Needs restored
1960 Gottlieb Kewpie Doll Nice condition...could use a backglass and a tune up
1960 Gottlieb Hi Diver Parts game, no head
1939 Exhibit Hi-Ball Original game with repainted cabinet
1947 Chicago Coin Basketball Champ Parts game
1953 Williams Pennant Baseball Looks and play great...has new backglass
1959 Gottlieb Straight Shooter Have two...nice works
1965 Gottlieb Bank-A-Ball Good shape...plays great...some flaking on backglass

Games wanted:

1940-1973 Any Any old baseball games Arcade game
1950 Gottlieb Spot Bowler Pinball
1954 Gottlieb Daisy May Pinball
1955 Williams Sidewalk Engineer Arcade Game
1956 Chicago Coin Steam Shovel Arcade Game
1956 Williams Williams Crane Arcade Game
1956 Williams Peppy the Clown Arcade Game
1961 Chicago Coin Pro Basketball Arcade Game
1961 Gottlieb Foto Finish pinball
1963 Williams Big Deal pinball
1963 Midway Race Way (car racing pinball like Flying Turns)
1965 Gottlieb Skyline pinball
1967 Gottlieb Sing Along pinball
1977 Gottlieb Jacks Open pinball



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