1962 Gottlieb Tropic Isle

The game as bought (with a dirty playfield but the way I like to find them):


Amazing what a little Novus 2 will do:


What to do about the contact paper rings around the bumpers???  I pulled one up and it lifted with very little damage.  As can be seen, the rings were put there to hide the damage...included is a picture of the top and underneath of the protection rings:


How to repair around the bumpers...I am thinking right now about sanding the natural wood in the damaged area and applying a polyurethane to those areas.  I have a friend who has a sign company and I think I will have him make some protection rings about the same size as the ones taken off.  They would be yellow or white towards the center, a thin lined circle as is currently shown around the bumpers and then clear for the rest.  This way I have protection around the bumpers and the paint scheme looks factory.


...to be continued...

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