L & M Arcade

...what started in 2007 as something to do in my spare time has gotten out of hand.  I enjoy tinkering with the old games and my wife enjoys playing the games.   If only I had a larger basement....but you have to work with what you have...here are some pictures of  games that I currently have set up in the Laura & Mike Arcade:

Not a lot of room to move around but an area loved by the family...

1953 Seeburg 100G and 1933 Electro-Hoist

1958 All Star Ball Bowler, 1956 10th Frame and 1960 Official Baseball

1933 Seeburg hockey game and 1957 Ten Strike

1976 Flip Flop, 1964 Little Pro, 1964 Flying Turns, 1956 Cross Fire and 1958 Skill Roll

1933 Seeburg Hockey game waiting to be refurbished

1947 Dale Gun, 1967 Apollo, 1965 Kings and Queens, 1964 Soccer and 1966 Cross Town (Nags underneath)

The annex...7 oldies in a row

My favorite 1972 Swinger, 1964 Bowling Queen and 1976 Volley

1972 Pop-A-Card, , 1976 Royal Flush, 1975 Abra Ca Dabra and 1974 Twin Win

My shop...some projects that need finished and some a place to stay...a 1941 Batting Practice, a 1969 Super Circus, a 1958 Short Stop, a 1976 Hollywood and a 1966 TV Baseball under the sheets (my favorite ball game).  If you close enough you will spot a 54 Special Deluxe Baseball, a 1963 Major League, a 1956 4 Bagger, a 1953 Deluxe Baseball, a 1962 World Series and a 1958 Big Inning.

Another shot of my shop with head storage and my workbench (heavy hitter getting a tune up)

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