1934 Genco Subway Special

This game is in beautiful original shape....the only thing that was missing when I got the game was the front door.  The game looks and plays great.  Included is the history from the person that I bought the game from:

I'm not sure of the year that I came across the game, but I believe it was 1980 or 81. I had a small plumbing business during that time. One of my customers, Gary and his wife were preparing to move to a care facility, Gary's wife was having health issues. Gary had called to see if I would be interested in purchasing his old tools, he was an old type boiler maker. I purchased the tools, the evening we were down and picked them up, Gary asked if we could carry some junk from the basement and put it at the curb for waste pickup. We carried about a pickup truck load of misc. items to the curb. The pin ball machine caught my eye. Gary had carpet tied to the legs for his cats to use, the thing was covered with dust and grime. After we got it back to the shop we cleaned it up, you received it in the same condition as I found it. The only thing I did was clean it with Pledge. I had stayed in contact with Gary and had questioned him about the machine. According to him, he had repaired a boiler for a customer during WWII. The customer wasn't able to pay him, so he took this machine plus other items for payment. His customer was the Playland Roller Way in York. My mother was a roller skater there in her younger days. When I told her this story, she remembered playing it. Gary had removed the front door so his sons could play it without using coins. He could not remember what happened to the door.   Charlie (Spring Grove, PA) -- 2009




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