1947 Chicago Coin Basketball Champ

Ad as it appeared on the internet:

FS: 1947 Chicago Coin Basketball Champ

Machine will need the cabinet rebuilt.  It came apart when we were
hauling it out of an old building yesterday, but most all of it is
there for a pattern or to try and piece it back together.  Game
appears to be complete including the glass, metal holders for the
glass, playfield with the two manikins, etc.  Man who had it said he
removed it from the railroad station in Columbus, Ohio over thirty
years ago, where it was being operated at the time.  

Pictures of machine as delivered: (click on images to enlarge)


Assessment of the cabinet:

Once I got over the shock of the condition of the cabinet, I did an assessment of the actual cabinet.  I did my best to reassemble the puzzle pieces so I could figure out what could be salvaged and what has to be fabricated.  It looks like about 75 percent of the machine can  be salvaged.  The two main sides will have to be fabricated since they are beyond saving.  I will use 3/4 inch cabinet grade plywood to rebuild the sides.  The original sides were made out of core plywood (1/2 inch boards covered with 4 pieces of 1/16 veneer plywood -- 2 on the front and 2 on the back going in opposite direction for strength).  The originals side pieces will serve as templates to make new sides. 

On the front, I'll will break all the glue joins and reglue the pieces.   A couple small sections will have to be fabricated.  I will then try and reuse the veneer from the front and sides to redo the front of the machine.  I hope to be able to use the original front door.  


Fabricating the new sides using simple hand tools:

...to be continued...



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