Unique SS/AMX Parts:


crane stamped in head closeup.jpg (86720 bytes)    crane head port area.jpg (85178 bytes)    crane head valve area.jpg (54712 bytes)   crane casting number.jpg (95216 bytes)

Delete Plates:

   Dash Control Delete Plate      Clock Delete Plate       

control delete plate.jpg (26153 bytes)     control delete plate back.jpg (32695 bytes)      ssamx clock delete plate.jpg (27793 bytes)      

                     Radio Delete Plate

radio delete plate front.jpg (38991 bytes)     radio delete plate back.jpg (33540 bytes)      radio delete plate numbers.jpg (33338 bytes)

Metal Hood Scoop:

front of hood scoop.jpg (27317 bytes)     top of hood scoop.jpg (32308 bytes)     underneath of hood scoop.jpg (35501 bytes)     back of hood scoop.jpg (30550 bytes)

Cross-Ram Intake:

vintage cross ram.jpg (186912 bytes)

Additional parts to be added soon....