Toy  SS/AMX's:

        JO-HAN 1/25 Shirley Shahan 69 AMX Super Stock

                    ss amx model toy.jpg (28572 bytes)

        Limited edition 1/64 Johnny Lightning SS/AMX dragster (1 or 4000)

                    rwb ssamx 1of 4000 toy.jpg (21802 bytes)

        Johnny Lightning 1/64 SS/AMX dragster (Drag-on-Lady) Collector's Edition.   
                 (the cars below came in several different color combinations)

                 rwb ssamx out of box1 toy.jpg (22027 bytes)       rwb ssamx toy.jpg (24486 bytes)         rwb ssamx outofbox2 toy.jpg (19875 bytes)

        Classic Gold 1/64 1968 AMX "Wild Child"

                wild child ss amx toy.jpg (21113 bytes)

        Racing Machines 1/64 SS/AMX "Pete's Patriot" 

                ssamx petes patriot toy.jpg (55565 bytes)

        Johnny Lightning Collector's Edition (11 cars total)

                box of models ss amx toys.jpg (35829 bytes)

        FOA Swartz GOLD collectors edition (11 cars plus plastic display case)
                (notice the exterior accents and interior are gold plated)

                rwb ssamx gold1 toy.jpg (20856 bytes)        rwb ssamx gold2 toy.jpg (20268 bytes)

        The Shirley Shahan car -- 1/18 scale (about 10") by Supercar Collectible 
                 (available from

                tommytoy2dragonlady.jpg (34654 bytes)       tommytoy1dragonlady.jpg (34501 bytes)      modelshahanfront.jpg (79687 bytes)

        Pete's Patriot -- 1/18 scale (about 10") by American Muscle 

                modelpetespatriotside.jpg (57927 bytes)         modelpetespartiotfront.jpg (51423 bytes)         modelpetespartiotside2.jpg (58181 bytes)


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