SS/AMX #5:  Automaster Motors Co.
                         Burlington, Vermont

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In early 1969, Automasters Motors in Burlington,VT took delivery of this SS/AMX.  Originally ordered by dealership service manager John Casey, the car sat on the showroom floor until late August of 1969 painted in it's original red, white and blue paint scheme.  Casey had intentions of racing the car himself under the Automasters' name, but personal and financial problems kept him from doing so.  At that time a local drag racer, Nick Pappus walked into the dealership, purchased the car, and started campaigning it in superstock/E under the name of "Nickys' Nash".  Nick raced the car all over the New England area and in Canada eventually running times in the 10.80's and the high 120's MPH.  The car achieved some limited success as a Superstocker, but when a disagreement with AMC about the lack of replacement parts arose, Pappus had the car converted to run in D/Altered class with the addition of a Chevy big block powerplant.  This conversion to non-AMC powerplant was expertly done by Linblatt Chassis in northern Massachusetts. 
The car was sold off in 1976 to Fred Masterson who continued to campaign the car in the modified classes with non-AMC power and had it painted in black lacquer.  Masterson owned the car until 1979,when it was sold off again and converted it back to AMC power and street car duty.  Never leaving the state of VT, the car was sold off several more times and remained in relative anonymity for nearly 20 years.  Today, the car still retains all the street equipment added in the late 70's. Future plans include a restoration to it's original "as raced" condition.

Currently located in New Jersey

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