SS/AMX #47:  Super Stinger / Old Pro


Some background history from the original owner, Gerald Schinkus:

I bought the car in 1970 from Shirley Shahan.  When I bought the car it was from an American Motors dealership.  It had Super Stinger on the back quarter panels.  It was over lace paint, they did that a lot of back then.   I think it was Shirley's second car. I was working at an American Motors dealership in Norfolk Nebraska at that time.  I was lucky to get the car.  It took a while,  the dealership in California got two of these delivered to them.  They kept the Drag-on-Lady car and I got the other one.

The name change took place when I sold the car for awhile to a friend. I then bought it back and raced it under Old Pro.  After that,. I got too busy to race any more and it was just being stored. Out of the blue one day a guy from Kentucky called and asked if I would sell it. He got all the information from me and took all numbers to see if it was indeed the right car. He said he was authenticating it to put in a museum. Anyway, he drove out to Texas with a cashiers check in hand and took it back to Kentucky with him. I sure hated to see it go but if it was just going to sit I figured a museum was as good a place as any for it to sit. I heard later that he raced it some and was enjoying it then sold it to someone in Texas.  I also have some pictures left of the car when it was the Super Stinger.

I raced the car all over the Midwest, as well as the Winter Nationals in 1971 and the Canadian Nationals held in Winnipeg Canada in about 72. I raced a lot in Marion South Dakota, Omaha Nebraska, Dallas TX, Brainerd Minnesota, Sioux City Iowa, Amarillo TX, Lubbock TX, Albuquerque NM, Odessa TX, Roswell NM as well as Kearney NE and many I don't recall. Eventually my business took over my time and the racing was put on the back burner.

Currently located in Texas

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