SS/AMX #41:  Nolt Rambler, Inc.
                                                  1612 Lincoln Highway
                                 Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Back in the day:   


As it is today:   AKA:  AMX MAGIC

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Racing in 2004:   


Restoration in 2006:




The SS/AMX #41 was in our hands from December 31st, 1980 until December 1987.  We purchased the car from Pennsylvania as a rolling chassis.  We restored the car to SS specs using a complete drive train out of another SS that was destroyed.  We had this car on the 1/4 mile tracks for 7 years, and the best et: 10.03, its average: 10.18, and many winning runs.  The AMX 'Magic" paint work was done by Mike Therber from Rockledge Florida, an expert on AMC restoration.  In 1987 we had visitors from Finland to our earlier business (American Performance Products) and they would not depart without the car. On the early pictures of the car shown on the Finland race track you can still see the name (Ray Pinto) on the door, and its title: 'AMX Magic".

Ray & Lynn Pinto
Titusville, FL


Currently located in Finland

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