SS/AMX #32:  Avenue Rambler, Inc.
                           San Francisco, California        

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  History and Accolades:


Just a little background on the # 32 SS AMX you have listed, my parents bought that AMX brand new in 1970, I remember the day they brought it home, it was red white and blue with hub caps, 390 4spd cross ram.   They raced and showed it for over 20 years.  I raced it at Orange County Raceway when I was 17.  We belonged to JAV/AMX car club and went to all the AMC days at the local drag strips. My mom was called the worlds quickest meter maid since she worked for the Glendale police department.  I drove it to a best et of 11.01@127 mph @ Riverside Race Way on the bottle, with a 401 and single carb.  The vehicle pictured is the same way my dad sold it except it used to say Wicked & Wild.  I actually cried the day he told me he sold, but it went to a good friend who loved AMCs also.  I hope whoever has it now is having as much fun as we had.

Lonnie Cox

Currently located in Maryland

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