SS/AMX #29:  Ricker Motors, Inc.
                                                 Whittier, CA on the picture below for a larger view...

 Vintage Pictures (circa 1970's):  


Vintage Pictures (circa 1990):        

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Current configuration:


From ebay listing in October 2009:

This car was one of five ordered new by Ricker Motors in Los Angeles. It has never been off the West Coast. Completely converted in the winter of 1969 with the AMC Conversion Kit to a 1970. This includes all sheet metal and related and interior. (NOS 1969 wheel is in the car when restored in 2007.) This also includes a 1970 VIN from AMC. This car has been owned and slowly restored to show condition by its only owner other than Ricker Motors that it has ever had. It is in Seattle and was finally finished and was driven on the showfield for the AMCRC nationals in Tacoma last summer. Tested also in 3 runs at Bremerton Dragstrip.

Currently located in Georgia

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