SS/AMX #26:  Sheriff of Nottingham 
                                     Dick Allen Motors
                                  Hollywood, CA

                                   Hurst Car #6

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Carlsbad Raceway May 1970           Another picture of              Sheriff of Nottigham              
Aero Nose, wing over rear                the "Trippin the                   in 1973 turning 10.40's
window, and Donohue                      Light... Fantastic"               at 128 mph
bubble hood                                                                             

26front1.jpg (18600 bytes)      26side2.jpg (35363 bytes)      26police1correct.jpg (64207 bytes)      

Publicity shot circa 1976                  Promotional Ad              Recent picture

26policeadbillboard1.jpg (37903 bytes)             26policead2.jpg (55691 bytes)          26nottingham1.jpg (69756 bytes)

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Currently located in New York

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